Waiting room, semi transparent

Some waiting areas at airports seem designed to deprive you of any sensory input other than the fact that your flight is delayed. Traveling with your wife/husband/partner can at least make it a bit more bearable. So do these windows at the Jet Blue terminal […]

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Flexible framework

While working on communication programs for companies or organizations we will describe a “flexible framework” that is built from messaging, imagery, typography, colors, etc. I’m reminded of that phrase whenever I see a billboard with no message, like this one taken from a car on Atlantic […]

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Existential Subway

LED messages that are broken up instead of scrolling can take on a Jenny Holzer effect. “FREE DEL” is one of my favorites in the window of a deli on Fifth Avenue in Park Slope letting you know that they have free delivery service. One […]

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Unintended Klee

When a placard has been removed from a building exterior, intentionally or not, there is often evidence in the form of a few squiggles of adhesive that resembles an small unintended Jackson Pollock sketch. Other times the glue pulls a chunk of paint with it, […]

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I’ve had a thing for peonies ever since Peter Saville and Trevor Key made their blue peony for the inner sleeve of New Order’s Substance: “I wanted to create something that would hang in the lobby of IBM in the year 2000.”

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Photographer Bob Gruen bought a shirt off the street for five bucks in 1974 for John Lennon to wear in a photo shoot. Gruen cut off the sleeves with a buck knife and Lennon assumed a range of stances. The picture of Lennon with his arms folded […]

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My favorite things

More Rodgers & Hammerstein than Coltrane, the show tune singalong at Marie’s Crisis was introduced to me by Steph in 2011. It’s part of a version of NYC that becomes less and less each year.

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